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Managing a security team requires effective security risk evaluation, a selective recruitment process, qualified and competent staff in key management and supervisory positions.  We select each officer by means of a selection process in which he/she must complete and pass an aptitude test.  Most security officers are placed according to his/her experience levels.


Security and Investigation Services is registered with PRIVATE SECURITY INDUSTRY REGULATORY AUTHORITY and as a member all requirements are strictly adhered to with regards to statutory obligations.

Management Style:

Security and Investigation Services is owner run which gives us the opportunity to offer a personalized service towards the client.  Our service in the security industry is hands on and works in all levels of the business.  We have vast experience in the industry and work together with our employees.


Each site is unique and has its own set of security risks, access control procedures and Technology requirements. Specific site instructions are drawn up in conjunction with the requirements to that specific site. Once this is done it is signed off by all parties which include the security staff. The manual is then used as a training guide to our security officers.

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Security Services


CCTV images from clients’ premises are streamed to the control room via ADSL or wireless connections. Depending on the situation at hand, the control room dispatches Armed Response, SAPS or Medical Response Unit - this whilst the situation is in progress.

This application allows us to view incident at the client’s premises in almost real time (2-3 second delays):

- CCTV Monitoring supplied with ADSL lines that have following advantages:

  • • Line speed, which runs at 4Mb p/s.
  • • The line is uncapped, allowing continues monitoring.

The advantages of Off Site Monitoring are:

    • • Deterrent - Criminals are aware of the risk related to targeting businesses with CCTV systems
      • Production - CCTV is a management tool to monitor productivity and most importantly reduce thefts by employees.
      • Safety - Responding personnel (SAPS or other) can reach the scene of a crime in progress knowing the following:


       • The number of suspects

       • Firearms presents, if related

       • Injuries to bystanders or victims

       • Other emergency personnel could be dispatched sooner

  •        • Number plate recognition cameras
  •        • PTZ Cameras
  •        • Infra-red Cameras
  •        • Covert Cameras
  •        • Vehicle Cameras

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Technical Services

  • Due to the constant increase of security measures we at Security and investigation services has increased our services to incorporate extensive monitoring of all security measures which include the following:



    •    CCTV installations;

    •    Alarm System Installations;

    •    Biometric Systems;

    •    Access Control Systems;

    •    Gate Automation;

    •    Wire Free Systems;

    •    Electric Fencing.

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Farm Protection: Grabouw

- Prevention of stock theft, general theft and farm attacks
- integrating with the “Plaaswag”.

- Searching of vehicles, busses and trucks on request
- Drugs and alcohol abuse control.

- Personal Security
- Farm owners and other residents on the farm.

- Property Security
- Done through pro-active techniques:

• Guarding and patrolling

• Response Vehicle patrols and visits

• Securing of premises on departure or arrival of the farm owner/resident.

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