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In the security trade, we get to see and learn about a lot of myths, here are a few that are definitively busted and have no shred of evidence to substantiate them:


1. You cannot toss a burning CD Rom under a door or through a window to "knock out" the occupants of a home. It just cannot be done scientifically.

2. There is not a shred of evidence that a gang drives around town with their vehicle headlights off waiting for someone to flash at them and then attack them as a target. Not a shred. 

3. There is NO evidence that a pamphlet handed out at traffic lights can be laced with any material that can put you to sleep or disorientate you enough for someone to hijack your car. 

4. SAPS does not send out any e-mails asking people to forward the information around - they use press releases and the media. 



If you're not sure about an e-mail that you've recieved just forward it to us and we'll gladly establish the authenticiy thereof before sending it onwards. 

We take the spread of crime related information seriously and will only inform our clients of trends and activities within the South African context AFTER we have verified the voracity of all the data involved. We do not advocate the random spreading of information that can cause unwanted panic and fear.