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Drawing Cash

Despite the age of Internet Banking and online everything, there are some things in life that still require good old hard cash.


For this, every business carries Petty Cash. We all have to do it at some time or another. Depending on the size of business, petty cash could be R2 000 or R30 000. The vultures around us would like to relieve us of it no matter what the amount.

Years of looking at the crimescenes after the fact and catching a few bank-followers in the act have lead me to make my personal list of "do's and don'ts" to decrease your chances of becoming a victim.


1. Always vary the day and time that you're depositing or withdrawing cash
2. Always vary the branch that you deal with - sure it's inconvenient but so is being robbed
3. Call the Branch ahead if you have to in order to make the arrangements, but never be firm on what time you're going to be there.
4. Vary who goes and in what vehicle.
5. Vary the route that you take and don't make it a direct one. Try to include at least one traffic circle on your route so that anyone trying to follow you will stand out even more than normal
6. Pay attention not to the car directly behind you, but the car two cars behind you - surveillance 101.
7. For large amounts, use 2 people. Person number 1 enters the branch and draws the cash. Then sits and waits 5-10 minutes, before person number 2 walks into the branch, takes it from them, exits and does the return to office trip - this will disrupt most routine surveillance.
8. Never be complacent - always stay on your guard and trust your gut instinct - if in doubt, drive to the nearest police station and park in their parking area for ten minutes then continue your trip.
9. Try using a small box or something obscure to put the cash in and don't do it in plain view inside the bank.
10. Never encumber your right hand (unless you're a lefty) keep car keys in your right hand ready to stick them in someones eyeball if you have to - or of course just to open the car. Your strong hand should never be encumbered as it's your first natural defensive tool.


I'm sure I could go on a bit, but these are the 10 key points.


When in doubt, all you have to remember, is that complacency costs lives. Stay alert and stay alive